Luisa Raffaelli is an eclectic artist and architect. The theme of 'escape' recurs in her work, through which she virtually breaks the boundaries between photography, installation art, and sculpture. By playing with light, sound, form, and images, she offers synesthetic experience and fascinating glimpses into a visionary world in which memory and

imagination intertwine.

Gosia Turzeniecka, born in Poland, settled in Torino in her twenties, when she was attending the Accademia Albertina of Fine Arts. Her drawings and watercolours, characterised by delicacy of trait, mirror her acutness of observation and her ability to capture form within a few traits or brushstrokes. She has exhibited her work internationally, and has been awarded prestigeous prizes.

As a painter and sculptor Andrea Massaioli reinterprets artistic techniques, genres, and myth imbuing them with lyricism. Lying behind the artist's poetic is his olistic vision of the world: through his work, forms and figures turn into something mirroring the close yet ambiguous relationship between Man and Nature.

Born in Bratislava, Slovakei, where she obtained a Master's Degree in Fine Arts, she lives and works in Vienna. She belives that jewellery emits signals, which originate from thoughts, ideas, and concepts. Jewellery makes art wearable: a jewel is an art object that engaes our bodily senses with its special power when it is worn by human beings.

She uses a variety of materials, including silver and gold, semi-precious stones, glass, mother of pear, and painted driftwood. She has exhibited internationally.

Alberto De Braud

De Braud started his artistic career after obtaining a BFA in Photogra-graphy at the Rhode Island School of Design. His works have been defined as 'impossible hybrids between nature and artifice' triggering synesthetic experience. An example is Newton Twins, a 9-metre high sculpture with two gigantic apples made fom polyether, air, and helium, which was exhibited in Milan, Torino, and Sauxe d'Oulx.

ConiglioViola is an art duo formed by Brice Coniglio and Andrea Raviola. As masters of a 'Renaissance workshop of the digital era', ConiglioViola blur boundaries between the visual and performing arts.

At "The Others" 2015, in Febo & Dafne's space, they presented their collectible vinyl CD Recuperate le vostre radici quadrate. Some of their videos were projected and a selection of stills were displayed.  

Born in Romania, Zamfira Facas combines scientific education, an interest in hesoterism, and an instinctive aesthetic sense. She creates textile artefacts with a strong visual impact while exploring installation art and jewellery using wool felt, leather, plastics, metal, and semi-precious stones. Her conceptual works build on 'layers of meaning', and thus demand a multiple-perspective approach to interpretation. In September 2016 she is going to present her latest works in a solo exhibition at the Febo & Dafne gallery.

Over the years of his artistic career Dany Vescovi has taken challenges in different creative realities. Painting has always been his main sphere of activity, and yet he has experienced costume design for theatre productions and fashion design as well. Some of his paintings are image covers for books and music CDs. He lives and works in Milan, where he also teaches at the Accademia di Brera.

In OPIEMME's work poetry is a medium for painting images-as-words, and conversely painting is a medium for writing words-as-images.      

In his own ‘language’ the artist  ‘speaks‘ of freedom, justice, civil ethics, and respect towards nature. While conjoining poetry and visual arts, OPIEMME's work also brings in an influence from street art and its use of irony to awaken conscience about social and environmental themes.

Born in Palermo, Martina Di Trapani lives and works in Torino. Only apparently naif, her colourful paintings are imbued with a bit of irony, which subverts the order of things her images and  reveals her way of seeing the world. It is a world of daydreaming in which fantasy overlaps with reality, and childhood with adulthood.

Sarah Rossiter

Born in New York, where she co-founded the Art Club 2000 and directed the Velocity Gallery, Sarah Rossiter lives and works in Los Angeles. Through installations combining photography and video she creates immersive environments. Her work has been exhibited extensively in  the United States and Europe.

Alfonso Bonavita

Alfonso Bonavita focuses on the human condition, of which anatomical rendering is a metaphor in his paintings and sculptures. According to Rolando Bellini, 'Bonavita's figures are strange, void of either happiness or unhappiness or any romantic feeling, and yet imbued with colours, flavours, and scents that give them a post-modern aura'.

Simona Villata

Simona Villata is a sculptress and ceramic artist. Stylisation of forms characterises her female clay figures, and yet these reveal a thorough study of anatomy. Her original use of colour to enhance expressiveness results from an endless experimentation of materials and techniques, especially in firing.

Tina Sgrò

Born in Reggio Calabria, where she attended the Academy of Fine Arts, Tina Sgrò shifts between reality and imagination. in many of her paintings the light breaking through the windows of old fashioned interiors creates a dazzling atmosphere, reminiscent of the memories and feelings of bygone times. She has been awarded with the "Premio Arte Mondadori" (2006), the first prize at the Festival delle Arti in Bologna (2009) and other prestigeous awards.

Emerald Passage Study2.jpg

Painter, art therapist, and teacher, Ada Mascolo graduated in Fine Arts at the Accademia Albertina of Turin, where she lives and works. She has exhibited internationally in public and private venues, and has held painting workshops at prestigeous institutions, including the Contemporary Art Museum at the Castello di Rivoli.

Her artistic research spans different techniques, including ink and/or watercolour on paper, drawing, and mural painting.

Silvia Leveroni Calvi

French-Italian paintress, she combines an academic background in Natural Sciences (University of Torino), education History of Art (Université de Villejean) and studio art training. She lives and works in Rennes (France), where she mastered her own painting technique with natural pigments, gypsum, and oil on linen canvas. Since 2008 she has presented her works in several collective and solo exhibitions.