The secret .of life is in art

               Oscar Wilde

The Febo & Dafne gallery offers various services to artists, including assistance for the realisation of  their portfolios, presentations and applications for artist residencies, grants, prizes, and funding for educational and research projects.

Proposals from artists at all career stages for solo exhibitions or inclusion of their works in collective exhibitions to be set up at our premises, in public or instituional spaces, and at fairs are welcome.

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Founded in April 2015, the

Febo & Dafne gallery is committed to supporting emerging and established artists to develop their talents and careers by favouring their encounter with art collectors, aficionados, and critics.

The gallery has taken over the legacy of the Galleria Dieffe, which promoted emerging artists over nearly twelve years.

The Febo & Dafne gallery plays a role primarily in the arts and cultural scene of Torino. In this city, which has become a major pole for contemporary arts,  we run our exhibition space in Via della Rocca 17, notably the street of art galleries.

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© Eric Zener / Trillium Graphics.




8 November 2016

Sirio Schiano lo Moriello and Francesca del Vecchio interviewed eight directors and owners of contemporary art galleries in Italy.  Gabriella Garelli, President of

the Febo & Dafne gallery,

is portrayed in their article,

"Galleriste d'Italia: sempre più donne nel mondo dell'arte".

Read more >  

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A Moment in Time, 2013.

Mixed media (silver) 50.8x50.8 cm. © Eric Zener / Trillium Graphics